A system monitoring any parameter during rehabilitation therapy sessions must present sensors noninvasive for patient. This activity goes towards the design and development of a sensorized t-shirt that monitors user’s posture when he/she is performing rehabilitation or reinforcement exercises. Posture is measured by an inductive sensor made only by a bended copper wire that is sewn directly on t-shirt’s fabric. This bended wire undergoes a lengthening or a shortening according to user’s posture. Consequently, the value of its inductance changes. Signal from the sensor is then treated by an electronic circuit board. Finally, measurement information is transmitted to a remote reading unit for elaboration. As it is designed, t-shirt characteristics are independence from the reading unit, ease of use, lightweight, comfort of wearing and noninvasiveness. Such characteristics make the t-shirt a useful tool for exercises focused on the maintainance of a correct posture.


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Realized t-shirt for posture monitoring.